Finance Minister and MPs discuss granting loans and health insurance program

Damascus, SANA – The People’s Assembly listened in a session on Sunday to the answers of Finance Minister Ismael Ismael on a number of issues related to the Ministry’s work, particularly with regard to granting loans and the public banks’ work.

Chief among issues raised by the PMs’ were the possibility of meeting the citizens’ need for loans, given the repercussions of the current crisis in the country and the economic sanctions imposed on it, and reconsidering the current national health insurance project after services have been met with many obstructions.


In his response to the questions raised, Minister Ismael noted that granting of loans is currently suspended by all public banks due to the drop in the liquidity rate set by the Central Bank of Syria (CBS), affirming that banks shall resume granting loans once liquidity rate rises.

As for the health insurance program, the Minister said it was hindered due to the current crisis which has taken a toll on all sectors, noting that the Ministry is working with the other parties concerned to have all the hindering administrative and logistic problems solved.

Bashar Mousa/Haifa Said

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