Lattakia Relief Office: Fires cause damage to Qardaha and al-Haffah cities and 47 administrative units

Lattakia, SANA- Relief Office in Lattakia Province said that damage resulted from the fires erupted in the countryside of the province targeted Qardaha and al-Haffah cities and 47 administrative units which encompass 162 residential areas, including villages and farms.

Director of the Office Hala Ahmad told SANA reporter that the damages were distributed on 15 administrative units, 39 residential areas in Jabla , 8 administrative units, 32 residential areas in al-Haffah area, 13 administrative units, 59 residential areas in Qardaha, 11 administrative units and 32 residential areas in Lattakia, in addition to the cities of Qardaha and al-Haffah.

Al-Ahmad added that the damage targeted the forestry and the agricultural lands in addition to the properties of the locals in those villages, houses, irrigation networks and infrastructure of electricity, water, sewage and communication.

Hala Zain



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