Ambassador Ala: UN has to respect sovereignty of Syria

Geneva, SANA-Syria’s permanent Envoy to the UN in Geneva Hussam al-Din Ala affirmed Thursday that the Syrian government has been committed to cooperate with the UN to provide the humanitarian aid to citizens in need in spite of the huge challenges, escalated by acts of the armed terrorist organizations which target infrastructure in the country.

“Syria is ready to cooperate with the UN to crystallize and carry out the new plan of the UN in case it is effective,” Ala said in a statement at a briefing session on the humanitarian situation in Syria.

He added the Syrian government’s vision on the humanitarian response plan is the UN’s frank commitment to the Syria’s sovereignty and territorial integrity, and the UN’s recognition that the events in Syria are a humanitarian crisis that encounters the country due to the crimes of the armed terrorist organizations, supported by Arab and international states.

Ala said that the response plan should be done in cooperation between the Syrian government and UN to guarantee that the humanitarian aid won’t reach the armed terrorist organizations according to the General Assembly’s resolution No.46/182.

He pointed out to the need for acknowledging the negative impacts of the coercive unilateral measures imposed on Syria which affected the Syrian society.

The Syrian Envoy called for setting an active system to protect children and women and find a regulation to deal with them, based on partnership and establishing social assistance fund as well as activating the role of wamen as basic partnership in ending the crisis.

Mazen Eyon

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