Through distinctive artistic works, Syrian sculptor transports the cultural monuments of Damascus to Europe

Duisburg, SANA- Integrating between the drawing and sculpture in his achievements of three dimensions’ wooden figures that most of which convey the cultural image of Damascus and its immortal architectural heritage, the works of youth Mohammed al-Natour have become a destination for the lovers of the art and history in Germany and later joined the works of the European museums, in addition to his works in the field of Mosaic for embodying the historical monuments of Damascus city.

Al-Natour , who was graduated from the Collage of Art and Humanities ,English Department, at Damascus University has been developing his hobbies since he was ten through training at the hands of art specialists for promoting his expertise year after year and started to market works after he mixed the drawing and sculpture to reach wider segments of the art lovers and learners.

He told SANA that he has started embodying the three dimensions’ art, finishing a figure of Phoenician ship containing 17 thousand small wooden pieces weighing 200 k.g , taking a full year and managing through which to develop many of his artistic technics which resulted in distinctive works through which he participated in a number of domestic galleries and cultural events.

Later, al-Natour started establishing his own workshop through which he completed a model of Damascus with an area of 1 km square containing the most important historical monuments. The model is a detachable work to equal pieces of 1-meter square which are able to be transported and showed in numerous galleries and states.

The Syrian artist who lives in German city of Duisburg clarified that he kept developing his work through focusing on the sculpture in cooperation with the international artist Roja Bakh , adding that he participated with him in a number of artistic events.

During his residence in Germany, al-Natour carried out more than 400 sculptural works of which one about Damascus showcased in Barcelona city in Spain, while the latest of them was a drawing that embodies Damascus which shows the beauty and accuracy of the architecture of the oldest inhabited capital in the history along with the antique and tourist sites in Old Damascus, such as the Great Umayyad Mosque ,al-Azem Palace , Anbar Office and Mariamite Cathedral of Damascus, in addition to its seven gates and old wall ,referring that through this portrait, he will participate in a number of galleries and museums in Europe.

Baraa Ali/ Mazen Eyon

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