Speaker Laham: U.S.-led alliance is ineffective media spectacle

Lahore, SANA – Speaker of the Parliament Mohammad Jihad al-Laham discussed, Wednesday, with Head of the National Assembly of Pakistan Sardar Ayaz Sadiq means of developing parliamentary relations between the two countries.

The discussions also tackled the role of the National Assembly in synchronizing the viewpoints of Asian countries regarding international issues, on top of which is the issue of international terrorism.

Al-Laham stressed the need for all countries to abide by the UN Security Council’s resolutions, especially those related to combating terrorism.

For his part, Sadiq said that transforming the Asian Parliamentary Assembly into an Asian parliament similar to the European Parliament is of major importance.

Al-Laham also met with Mikhail Emelianov, who is heading a delegation from the Russian State Duma. Discussing with him the situation in the Middle East and the repercussions of the terrorist war waged against Syria and Iraq by terrorist groups supported and funded by Turkey, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and a number of western countries.

Speaker al-Laham said that the Syrian-Russia efforts exerted to combat terrorism are the most serious efforts being made in this regard, and that the acts of the U.S. and its partners in the anti-ISIS alliance is nothing more than a media spectacle bereft of any effective impact in the fight against ISIS, and that this will remain the case as long as the alliance operates without coordination and cooperation with the Syrian government.

In turn, Emelianov said that the U.S. is not serious about fighting terrorism as Washington is responsible for spreading death and destruction, adding that “if the U.S. truly wanted to fight terrorism, it would have coordinated and cooperated with the Syrian government.”

Mohammad Nassr / Hazem Sabbagh

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