Iran lodges protest with ICAO over intercepting its passenger plane by two US jets in Syrian airspace

Tehran, SANA – The Iranian Civil Aviation Organization announced that it lodged a protest to the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) over the interception of an Iranian civil plane in Syrian airspace by two American warplanes.

IRNA News Agency on Friday quoted the Iranian organization as saying that Iran lodged a protest with ICAO over the acts of the U.S. Air Force against an Iranian passenger plane, demanding an immediate investigation into this incident.

The statement pointed out that what the two US warplanes have done is a clear violation of international law and the standards of air navigation.

Meanwhile, Spokesperson for the Iranian Ministry of Foreign Affairs Abbas Mousavi confirmed that Iran will reply firmly and strongly and at the appropriate time against any aggressive act against the Iranian people, in a reference to the aforementioned interception incident.

Mousavi pointed out that his country will follow up on this US aggression in legal circles, reiterating that the US military presence in Syria is illegal and the sorties of its fighters there are illegal too.

The Iranian Spokesperson warned against any new adventures in the area by the US or by the Israeli entity, clarifying that the stability and security of West Asia must not be exploited for gains in the US elections.

Baraa Ali / Hazem Sabbagh

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