Exempting tourism facilities affected by terrorism from building permit fees

Damascus, SANA-  The Higher Council for Tourism issued a decision providing for exempting tourism projects affected by terrorist attacks from building permit fees, including fees added to them.

In a statement on Wednesday, Tourism Ministry noted that the decision stipulated that the investor undertake construction and repair work within a year of the issuance of the decision, while preserving the investment work and the granted spaces in coordination with the relevant administrative units.

The decision grants the damaged and compulsory suspended overnight facilities the right to complete the tax exemption period previously granted before they are exposed to sabotage activities, provided that the investor undertakes rehabilitation within two years from the date of the decision.

The decision also allowed the exemption of customs duties for imports of damaged facilities as a result of terrorist acts which are devoted to renewal and renovation works without being restricted by 3% of the previous year’s business figure for these facilities, based on the implemented checks and the physical examination prepared at the administrative unit and the tourism directorate in the province.

Ruaa al-Jazaeri


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