One million person infected with coronavirus around the world in less than 100 hours

Capitals, SANA- statistics revealed that the number of infections with Corona virus worldwide exceeded 14 million cases yesterday while one million infections have been registered in less than 100 hours for the first time.

According to Reuters, the number of infections has jumped from 13 million ones on July 13th to 14   million cases in just four days as the US which has more than 7.3 million confirmed cases, is witnessing a huge daily leaps with COVID while the deaths increased by more than 900 ones for the fourth consecutive day.

Worldometer site, which is specialized in following up on the virus developments around the world, mentioned that
the total number of corona infections exceeded 14 million and 168,751 while the number of deaths worldwide exceeded 598274.

Meanwhile, the World Health Organization announced the largest daily toll of coronavirus infections since its first outbreak with detecting 23,7743 cases  in during the last 24 hours.

Bushra Dabin/ Mazen Eyon

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