Gatilov: US and its allies use humanitarian aid issue in Syria as a cover to transport weapons to terrorists

Moscow, SANA- Russian Permanent Representative to the UN Office and Other International Organizations in Geneva Gennady Gatilov said that US and its allies use humanitarian aid issue in Syria as a cover to transport the weapons to armed terrorist groups and undermine Syria’s sovereignty and territorial integrity.

Gatilov said in an interview with Russian newspaper of Izvestia in its Wednesday edition that it is not a secret that the US and its allies use the humanitarian aid issue to achieve their own political goals in Syria aimed at undermining its sovereignty and territorial integrity through providing economic and political facilitation for areas controlled by terrorist groups.

He pointed out that the West countries refuse accepting changes that have happened on the ground since establishing mechanism of delivering the humanitarian aid in 2014, calling on them to facilitate the domestic humanitarian aid. The Syrian government is ready to cooperate positively in this regard.

Gatilov noted that the West uses the unilateral coercive measures against Syria to increase pressure on the Syrian citizens on their livelihood, underlining that Russia oppose this Western policy which contradicts with the UN Charter.

Baraa Ali/Shaza

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