Ambassador Ala: Reports of International Investigation Committee about situation in Syria lacks minimum criterion of objective investigation

Geneva, SANA-Syria affirmed its rejection of the reports of International Investigation Committee affiliated to the Human Rights’ Council about the situation in Syria which lack the minimum criterion of objective and independent investigation and adopt work methods that depend on sources related to terrorist groups.

Hussam al-Din Ala, Syria’s Ambassador to the UN in Geneva, said in a statement during a dialogue session convened by the Human Rights’ council on a report about the situation in Idleb and its surroundings, that the new report was not different from previous reports which were distancing from reality and from the factors of crisis in Syria, on top, terrorism, US and Turkish aggression and the unilateral measures against the Syrian people.

The Ambassador affirmed that the operations of the Syrian armed forces in Idleb and anywhere of the Syrian regions are addressed to combating terrorism and liberating the people of those regions from domination of organizations classified by the Security Council as terrorist entities connected with ISIS and al-Qaeda that include thousands of foreign terrorists, who were brought in by Erdogan regime into Syrian territories.

He pointed out that the insistence of the western countries at Security Council recently to deliver humanitarian aid to regions where terrorist groups are positioned through illegal border crossings stress the volume of politicization adopted by these countries.

The Ambassador reiterated the Syrian government’s commitment to respond to the human needs for all citizens all over the Syrian territories.

Ala stressed that the most brutal humanitarian suffering imposed on the Syrian people is that resulting from the economic terrorism and the siege.

He added that the US officials boast of the role of the blockade in making the Syrian people starve and deepening their livelihood crisis whether through “Caesar Act” or through looting the oil and the agricultural crops along with Turkey in order to prevent Syria from its economic resources.

Ala concluded by underlining that the volume of misleading in the committee’s reports proves the correctness of the Syrian stance not to recognize this committee whose work distances from the independence standards and neutrality in addition to its absurdity of dialogue about their biased reports.

Baraa Ali/ Bushra Dabin/Mazen Eyon


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