ZAMAN: Erdogan’s regime steals wheat crops of Syrian al-Jazira

Ankara, SANA_ The Turkish daily “ZAMAN” revealed Monday that Erdogan’s regime is stealing the wheat harvested by Syrian farmers.

“Dozens of trucks loaded with Syrian wheat cross daily to Turkey through the Akçakale crossing in the city of Şanlıurfa in southeastern Turkey,” the newspaper said.

It quoted a truck driver named Saleh Gondogdo as saying that he transports barley and wheat from the Syrian city of Tal Abyad to the Turkish side and then unloads this load in the warehouses of the Turkish Agricultural Crops Office in Şanlıurfa.

He confirmed that the transportation operations stopped for a short period due to the outbreak of the Corona epidemic.“Once again, we started moving the wheat after a period of stoppage due to the emerging crisis of the Coronavirus.”

The Turkish regime is pursuing the policy of Turkization of the Syrian areas occupied by it and forcing civilians to use the Turkish pound instead of the Syrian national currency, particularly in the city of Azzaz.

As part of its occupation strategy, Turkey and its mercenary are deliberately setting fire to agricultural lands and wheat and barley fields in the Syrian al-Jazira region to deprive the people of their livelihoods and oblige them to market their crops to the institutions of the Turkish regime.




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