Syria, Russia: U.S prevents humanitarian aid from reaching the displaced in Al-Rukban camp

Moscow, SANA- The Syrian-Russian coordination committees about the Return of the Syrian refugees, affirmed that the US continues to prevent the humanitarian aid from reaching the displaced Syrians in Al-Rukban camp in Al-Tanf area, occupied by the US Forces which may lead to a severe outbreak of COVID 19 infections.

The Syrian, Russian committees said in a joint statement on Tuesday that the United States continues destabilizing Syria’s stability and prevent the displaced from returning to their homes, noting that the humanitarian problems in Al-Rukban camp continue as militants, who are dominated by the U.S, forcibly detain Syrian civilians.

The statement added that the situation remains difficult in regions occupied by the American Forces in the region of Syrian al-Tanf and al-Jazeera in light of coronavirus.

It stressed that the lack of qualified medical care, individual preventive equipment and test in high-density conditions for displaced people who live in utterly unhealthy conditions may lead to a sever outbreak of COVID 19 infections.

Nisreen Othamn/Mazen Eyon

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