Army’s counterterrorism operations continue across the country

Provinces, SANA – The Army and Armed Forces continued on Monday carrying out counterterrorism operations across Syria, inflicting losses upon terrorists in several areas.


A military source told SANA that an army unit clashed with terrorists who were attempting to attack Ein al-Dananiyer town, which is located 25 Km to the northeast of Homs city, eliminating many of them.

The source added that another army unit killed and injured many terrorists who were attempting to sneak from Msa’eid village into al-Mas’oudiyeh, which is located 15 Km off the Syrian-Lebanese border.

The army also foiled an attempt of terrorists to attack civilians in Jaboureen village, killing and injuring large numbers of them.

Meanwhile, the army units eliminated a number of terrorists near the Industrial Area in al-Rastan and in Aniq al-Hawa and Rahoum villages in al-
Mkharam area, destroying their weapons and ammunition.


Army units eliminated a number of terrorists in the surroundings of Saraqeb, al-Shughr, al-Sheikh Sendyan, Ma’aret al-Nu’man, Kafr Najd, Kurin, and south of Talab in Idleb countryside.

A Military source told SANA that a unit of Army eliminated a number of terrorists and injured others in Saraqib in Idleb countryside.

Mahmod Gaseem al-Dulini, a leader of an terrorist group was killed in this operation.

Another Army unit killed and injured terrorists in al-Shugr village, the source added.

The source said that Army units eliminated number of terrorists and injured others in Kafr Najd and Qreen in the northen countryside of Idleb city.

A number of terrorists were killed and others injured, during Army operations in Talab village to the south of Abu al-Douhor airport, 50 km from Idleb.

Other units eliminated a number of terrorists and injured others near Khan al-Subul and around the towns of Hila and al-Kfir, destroying three vehicles equipped with heavy machineguns.


A military source told SaNA that a unit of the Army killed and injured terrorists in al-Sheikh Myskeen town in Daraa countryside.

Nasssim Abu Erra, a leader of a terrorist group, was identified among the dead terrorists.

A factory where terroriosts make explosive devices had been found in an area surrounding the town, the source added.

It pointed out that another army unit killed a number of terrorists and injured many others in Bussra al-Sham, 40 km from Daraa city.


An army unit, assisted by popular defense groups, established control over the areas of al-Manashar and al-Maqla’a and the hills surrounding al-Uwaija area in Aleppo, inflicting heavy losses upon terrorists.


A military source said that army units destroyed a den for terrorists along with the weapons and ammunition inside it in Masraba town, killing many terrorists, including Ammar Shaikhali from Kuwait.

Meanwhile, other army units killed and injured scores of terrorists on Zamalka-Ein Tarma road, destroying their weapons and ammunition.

Another army unit eliminated 4 terrorists and injured 15 others in Douma area, in addition to destroying 3 vehicles along with the weapons and ammunition inside them.

Among the killed terrorists was Nabbil Adas.

In the same context, the army units targeted terrorists to the east of the Teacher Building in Joubar neighborhood, inflicting heavy losses upon them.

The source added that other army units destroyed a terrorists’ warehouse in Zabdeen town, eliminating many terrorists in its farms.


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