The Syrian Symphony returns to audience through virtual world channels

Damascus, SANA_ The Syrian National Symphony Orchestra returned to audience through the virtual world channels by performing a Latin piece of music that was published on the official page of  Dar Al-Assad for Culture and Arts.

Members of the “Syrian Symphony”, whose musical evenings were suspended in compliance with the procedures to confront the coronavirus, presented a musical evening led by Maestro Misak Bagbudrian, .

In a statement to SANA, Bagbudrian affirmed that the musicians could not stay away from the audience and as a result of the current circumstances they decided to take part in a new experiment that was applied in countries of the world through large orchestras via the Internet.

“La compersita” was chosen for this night, as it was one of the musical pieces that was played in the last musical evenings of the group at the Opera Theater.

The Maestro Bagbudrian clarified that this experience is completely different in terms of communicating with the public, which makes them think about broadcasting the Syrian symphony concerts in the future through social networking sites directly so that the largest possible number of audiences in Damascus and the governorates can follow it on the one hand, and they can discover the reactions of the audience directly through comments and interaction on the other hand.

Symphony members are currently preparing for new music programs, according to Maestro Bagbudrian.

He stressed the importance of the role of music and art in this exceptional circumstances as it gives hope in life.


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