376 Iraqi academics, journalists demand lifting measures imposed on Syria

Baghdad, SANA- Hundreds of Iraqi intellectuals, writers and journalists demanded lifting the unilateral coercive economic measures imposed on the Syrian people, which represent a flagrant violation of the international laws and human rights.

In a statement of which SANA reporter in Baghdad received a copy, 376 Iraqi intellectuals and writers said Thursday, that “the unjust blockade that targets the Syrian people mainly children, women and adults affect the lives of millions of Syrians who suffered a lot as a result of the fierce and unjust global war launched by the evil, oppressive and aggressive forces on  Syria and contradicts with the most basic morality and human norms in a world claims keenness on human rights, justice, equality and freedom, and other false slogans”.

The statement stressed that the Syrian people, who offered civilization, knowledge, science and arts to the whole world,  have the right to live peacefully as all the world’s peoples, indicating that the forces of tyranny, and arrogance in the world that imposed this blockade represent aggression and disregard to the historical values of humanity.

Yara Ismail

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