Russian ambassador in Damascus: Situation related to Coronavirus in Syria still under control, calls for immediate lift of western sanctions imposed on it

Damascus, SANA- Russian Ambassador in Damascus Alexander Efimov underlined that the situation related to Coronavirus in Syria is still under control, calling for lifting the western sanctions imposed on Syria and a number of Countries which limit the capabilities of fighting the Virus.

 In an interview with Russian Sputnik news agency, published on Thursday, Efimov despite of that the health care system in Syria has exposed to damage due to the terrorist war against the country and the western unjust sanctions against it, but Syria mobilizes all its potentials and resources to fight the COVID-19.

He stressed that the Syrian government has taken quick preventive medical and administrational measures, hailing the active efforts the Syrian authorities are exerting to maintain the stability of the social and economic situation in the country, in spite of the curfew and other measures related to the measures for fighting the Coronavirus.

Regarding cooperation between Syria and Russia in facing Coronavirus, the Russian Ambassador said that the efficient cooperation between the two countries continues in this regard, asserting that the spread of the Virus in Syria is still limited and Russia is considering additional possibilities to provide support to the Syrians if necessary.

He stressed that Russia and a number of countries called for complete and immediate lift of the western unilateral sanctions imposed on Syria and a number of countries, indicating that these sanctions limit the capabilities of those countries to confront the spread of Coronavirus.

On the situation in the Syrian al-Jazira area in light of the crisis of Coronavirus, the Russian ambassador pointed out that the enemies of Syria are trying to exploit the situation on the epidemic, raising false humanitarian slogans to achieve their interests, continue the political and economic pressure on Syria to stop fighting terrorism and undermine its governmental institutions.

In the same context, the Russian ambassador said that the Russian Embassy in Damascus has taken all necessary measures to fight the virus as no infection was registered among the Russian diplomats, military personnel and communities in Syria.

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