Turkish occupation, its mercenaries attack safe villages of Hasaka countryside

Hasaka, SANA_ The Turkish occupation forces and terrorist mercenaries renewed their attacks with various shells on the safe villages of Hasaka countryside.

SANA reporter in Hasaka stated that the Turkish occupation forces and their mercenaries from the terrorist organizations at dawn on Tuesday attacked with various shells a number of villages affiliated to the towns of Tal Tamr and Abu Rasin, causing material damage to the property of the people.

Civil sources from the region told the reporter that the mercenaries of the Turkish occupation, positioned at the Turkish observation points in the village of Enq al-Hawa and Tel Mendel, targeted with mortars and artillery shells the vicinity of the towns of Tal Tamr and Abu Rasin at dawn.

Later, the Turkish occupation forces participated in attacking the aforementioned areas by firing a group of shells from inside the Turkish territory.

Since the beginning of its aggression on the Syrian territories on the ninth of last October, the Turkish occupation forces and their terrorist mercenaries have been attacking the safe villages towns in the countryside of Hasaka, Raqqa and Aleppo with artillery shells and various heavy weapons, causing the destruction of residential houses and vital facilities in these towns in addition to the displacement of the residents.

On a relative note, infighting among Turkey’s mercenary terrorist groups in Ras al-Ayn city escalated, with local sources saying that the cause of the infighting is disputes over splitting loot as well as exchanging accusations of treason and desertion, and despite the Turkish occupation forces’ attempt to intervene to end the infighting, the terrorist factions in the city remain poised to clash.

Gh.A. Hassoun / Hazem Sabbagh


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