New leak reveals OPCW’s intimidation practices against inspectors who refuted its narrative about Douma

The Hague, SANA – A new leak by an official at the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) has shown that the organization’s leadership has waged “a malicious and factually flawed attack” against two veteran inspectors who had proved that the official statements by the OPCW about the alleged chemical attack in Douma in 2018 are incorrect, and that the accusation of the Syrian Arab Army of being responsible for that incident came to justify the French, British, and American aggression against Syria.

In the new leak, which was published by “The Grayzone,” an independent news website, an OPCW official said he was “horrified” by the “abhorrent mistreatment” of the inspectors by the organization, which he said is employing a “climate of intimidation designed to keep other staffers frightened into silence.”

This official is the fourth whistleblower to uncover the false nature of the OPCW’s reports about the alleged chemical weapons in Douma.

According to the official, the OPCW excluded their scientific work and rewrote their initial report, and also prevented them from adding any other input, and after this was revealed in a series of leaks, the OPCW reacted by attempting to describe the two experts as “rogue actors” with only minor roles in the investigation and incomplete information.

He commented on the campaign carried out by the OPCW leadership by saying that the “mistreatment of two highly regarded and accomplished professionals can only be described as abhorrent… They are in fact trying to protect the integrity of the organization which has been hijacked and brought into shameful disrepute.”

He went on to speak about the fear of retaliation that is preventing other OPCW officials from speaking out, saying “I am one of many who were stunned and frightened into silence by the reality how the organization operates… The threat of personal harm is not an illusion, or else many others would have spoken out by now.”

Baraa Ali / Hazem Sabbagh

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