Army units enter Saraqeb strategic city in Idleb countryside

Idleb, SANA-Syrian Arab army units entered on Monday Saraqeb strategic city on Aleppo-Damascus international highway in Idleb province after expelling the Turkish regime backed-terrorist groups from the area.

SANA reporter said that army units entered Saraqeb City after fierce clashes with terrorist organizations which are backed by the Turkish regime, and they are working on combing the city of what have been left behind by terrorists.

Other Army units continued their operations on the direction of al-Dar al-Kabira and Hzarin on the outskirts of al-Zawiya Mountain in Idleb countryside and targeted the movements of terrorists and their armored vehicles supplied by Turkish regime, inflicting heavy losses upon them in personnel and equipment.

Meanwhile, the Russian Coordination Center said in a statement that the Russian military police deployed units in Saraqeb city to guarantee security in the area.

Syrian Arab Army units shot down 3 drones for the Turkish regime on Sunday as part of their operations against terrorists in Idleb countryside and targeted with concentrated strikes the movements of terrorists in the province.

Baraa Ali/Mazen

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