For 6-day in a row, Turkish regime’s mercenaries continue to cut off water from Hasaka city

Hasaka, SANA- Hasaka City Council put 6 wells into service to provide drinking water to Hasaka city after the mercenaries of the Turkish occupation continued to cut off drinking water from Hasaka city and the surrounding residential neighborhoods for the 6-day in a row.

Chairman of Hasaka City Council Adnan Khajou, in a statement to SANA reporter on Saturday said that pumping water from the wells comes to provide water for domestic use till resuming the pumping of water from Alouk water station.

Khajou indicated that the Council is preparing two additional wells to cover the increasing need of drinking water to the city.

Director General of the Water Establishment in Hasaka Mahmoud al-Okla said that the Establishment, in cooperation with the international organizations and the Syrian Arab Red Crescent (SARC), Hasaka branch, used 30 water tanks to provide drinking water to the neighborhoods of the city of Hasaka.

Mercenaries of the Turkish occupation continue to cut off drinking water from Hasaka after expelling the workers from Alouk station for the 6 consecutive day as they targeted the infrastructure and continued their criminal acts against the civilians.

Alouk water station provides drinking water to about 600,000 people in Hasaka area, and the near residential neighborhoods.

Hala Zain



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