After more than eight-year hiatus, Aleppo International Airport receives first flight coming from Damascus-Video

Aleppo, SANA- Aleppo International Airport on Wednesday morning received the first flight which came from Damascus City as the airport was opened to air traffic after more than an eight-year hiatus in fear for the safety and security of the passengers due to the shells fired by terrorists which used to spread in the suburbs of Aleppo City.

The airport has become ready to receive the flights after achieving victory against terrorism thanks to the heroism and sacrifices of the Syrian Arab Army and after announcing Aleppo City completely safe from terrorism.

In a statement to journalists on board the plane, Transport Minister Eng. Ali Hammoud said that “Putting Aleppo International Airport into service again, and the return of the internal flight, and later the external flights is a significant victory which has been achieved thanks to the scarifies of the heroic Syrian Army and the steadfastness of the Syrian people who stand by their army to liberate Aleppo and the rest of the Syrian Arab territories.”

Upon the arrival of the plane at Aleppo International Airport, Minister Hammoud said “We are proud of this great victory through which the airport was reopened for air traffic,” adding that the airport used to transport more than two million passengers annually.

For his part, Information Minister, Imad Sara affirmed that the victory achieved by the Syrian Arab Army in Aleppo has saved its people from terrorists who spread chaos and destruction in it, and has brought the smile back to the faces of its people.

Minister Sara indicated that the first and last title of the scene in Aleppo is the return of happiness to its people and their standing by the side of their army and leader contrary to what has been promoted by some media outlets which serve the interests of terrorists.

“We in Syria have become accustomed to turning the facts upside-down by terrorism and its backers, but we have immunity against misleading,” Minister Sara said.

He asserted that the national media which has always stood by the side of the Syrian Arab Army will continue to convey the truth and to refute the misleading practiced against the homeland.

The Minister added that putting Aleppo International Airport into service again reflects the strength of the Syrian state.

Tourism Minister Mohammad Ridwan Martini, for his part, asserted that Aleppo will return to its natural position on the economic, service and tourism levels after the return of the international roads and Aleppo International Airport, underlining the importance of the city as one of the most important international tourist attractions.

Aleppo Governor Hussein Ahmad Diyab said that the putting Aleppo International Airport into service again has been achieved thanks to the sacrifices of the Syrian Arab Army, indicating that since the first moment of announcing the liberation, all the required services have been provided for rehabilitating the infrastructure of Aleppo International Airport and Damascus-Aleppo International Highway whose opening will be declared in the coming few days.

Two days ago, Transport Ministry announced putting Aleppo International Airport into service again and that it is ready to receive flights, the first of which will be on Wednesday 19-02-2020 and that there will be timetables for other flights from Aleppo International Airport to Cairo and Damascus over the coming few days.

Ruaa al-Jazaeri

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