Army General Command: Turkish attacks will not succeed in protecting terrorism or halting army operations in Idleb and west of Aleppo

Damascus, SANA – The General Command of the Army and Armed Forces said that the Turkish attacks will not succeed in protecting terrorism nor will they dissuade the army from continuing its operations in Idleb province and in the west of Aleppo to cleanse them of terrorism in all its forms and to restore security and stability to all areas across Syria.

In a statement on Tuesday, the General Command said the Turkish regime continues to escalate its aggressive acts and transgressions upon Syrian geography in violation of international law and the concept of the sovereignty of independent states in an attempt to halt the advance of the Syrian Arab Army and to prevent the fall of armed terrorist groups in Idleb and west of Aleppo.

The General Command said the Turkish regime has deployed new military forces and escalated its aggression intensively, targeting areas populated by civilians and positions of the army units with rocket shells to help the terrorists maintain control over territory, keep using civilians as human shields, and carry out systematic crimes and vandalism.

The statement said the Armed Forces will continue carrying out their constitutional and national duties, and they are ready to respond to the Turkish occupation’s attacks and defend the safety of the country and its people.

Hazem Sabbagh

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