Army discovers a fortified underground base for terrorists in Idleb countryside

Idleb, SANA- While combing operations of surroundings of M’ardebseh south of Saraqeb city in Idleb southeastern countryside, Syrian Arab Army’s units uncovered a fortified underground base for Jabhat al-Nusra terrorist organization, including workshops for manufacturing explosives, shells, command rooms, and residential and sleeping quarters.

SANA reporter in Hama said that army units discovered on Sunday a terrorist base for Jabhat al-Nusra organization inside a cliff, including a network of tunnels equipped with lighting and ventilation shafts, which connects a number of fortified rooms used by the leaders of the terrorist organization.

The reporter said that the terrorists set up a workshop for manufacturing IEDs, various explosives, and car bombs in front of the cliff, in addition to a workshop for the manufacture of mines and shells for what is known as the hell cannon and rocket shells.

The reporter pointed out that a lot of booby-trapping equipment and supplies for making shells and some weapons are of Turkish design and origin.


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