Four children injured in a grenade explosion in al-Rastan, Homs countryside


Homs, SANA- Four children were injured in a hand grenade blast left behind by terrorist groups in Homs northern countryside.

SANA’s reporter said that a hand grenade left by terrorist groups which was buried underground went off in al-Rastan city in the northern countryside as four children sustained wound of varying severity, and they were rushed to Hama National Hospital to receive the required medical treatment.

A source at Hama National Hospital said in a statement to SANA that two children who are brothers sustained varying wounds in their eyes due to the shrapnel which resulted from the explosion of the grenade while the two other children sustained wounds in different parts of their bodies which necessitated orthopedic surgery.

The source noted that the health condition of the four children is now stable after providing first aid and medical treatment for them.

Terrorist organizations have worked systematically on planting huge amounts of explosive devices and mines at the houses, buildings, streets, squares and agricultural lands in the areas were they had spread ahead of liberating them by the Syrian Arab Army with the aim of claiming the lives of more civilians and sowing fear in the hearts of the displaced who have returned to their villages and towns.

Ruaa al-Jazaeri

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