Al-Jaafari: Restoring stability completely to Syria entails handling challenges of terrorism and not impeding its combat

New York, SANA- Syria’s Permanent Representative to the UN, Dr. Bashar al-Jaafari reaffirmed that restoring security and stability to Syria completely entails handling the main terrorist challenges, noting that some states are trying to impede the operations of the Syrian Arab Army against terrorism in Idleb and Aleppo with the aim of raising the morale of terrorists.

During a Security Council’s session on the situation in Syria held Wednesday, al-Jaafari indicated that Jabhat al-Nusra terrorist organization is al-Qaeda’s branch in Syria and the terrorist entities affiliated to them include tens of thousands of foreign terrorists among their ranks, and they control most of Idleb province and they continue their attacks on the neighboring areas and on the army’s posts.

Al-Jaafari said that Syria has chosen the political solutions to handle the status quo and it has given them the suitable time, and it has always dealt seriously with all the “settlement” initiatives including the understandings of Astana and Sochi, and it has adhered to them based on its keenness on protecting the lives of the Syrians and putting an end to those who are exploiting their suffering.

He added that the representatives of some countries are trying through their statements to circulate fabricated accusations with the aim of hindering the operations of the Syrian Arab Army against terrorism in the provinces of Idleb and Aleppo and raising the morale of terrorists in them.

Al-Jaafari wondered what the governments of the representatives of these states will do if a terrorist organization occupies an area in them and targets civilians in the neighboring areas with rocket shells? Will they stand idly by, and will they accept to allow someone to call the members of that organization “moderate armed opposition” and demand to support them on “the humanitarian level”?

He clarified that some states continue to invest in terrorism in Syria with the aim of prolonging the crisis in the country, and they seek to modify terrorists “genetically” and then promote for them as if they were “moderate armed opposition”.

And later they make them in the near future in collusion with the Turkish regime a” genetically-modified moderate Libyan armed opposition”, and after that, those who remain alive from them will become a “moderate opposition” in a third or fourth country as their operators have become addicted to invest in terrorism, and this what is taking place in other African states such as Mali, Nigeria and the coastal states and others as they have become also addicted to the policies of spreading destruction of homelands, and later they complain about the waves of refugees whom they have forced to leave their homeland, al-Jaafari said.

He pointed out that throughout the nine years of crisis in Syria, four UN Special envoys have tried to find a solution to the crisis, but they failed in their mission due to the fact that some states which are members of the Security Council and outside it, have depended on the force instead of the law to achieve their private agendas ignoring the provisions of the UN Charter, the principles of the international law and the good neighborliness  relations at the expense of Syria’s stability and its regional role.

Al-Jaafari asserted that some states continue to use the internationally-banned “mass lying weapons”, and they continue the same acts of interference to undermine the security and stability in the countries of the Middle East instead of reconsidering their acts and stances and improving their policies.

He noted that declaring the provisions of the so-called “Deal of the Century” on Tuesday by the U.S. administration is a unilateral act and an aggression against the UN itself as it represents an unprecedented disregard for its resolutions which are related to the Palestinian cause, and a desperate attempt by Washington to draw a new colonial scheme for the region, and a repetition of the crime committed by Britain more than one hundred years ago which is represented in the Balfour Declaration in service of the Israeli occupation and its expansionist and hostile schemes at the expense of the Arab rights and interests in a blatant violation of the international law and the UN Charter and its resolutions.

Al-Jaafari affirmed that Syria’s message is a message of peace from a strong position and not from a weak position, and that Syria strongly believes in the principle of the equality in the sovereignty between the states and it depends in its policies on it, and it is the principle which had been emphasized by the founders of the UN, stressing that whoever thinks of repeating what they have done in our region after the World War I and World War II, must be sure that their scheme will fail and it will be thwarted by the will of the Syrian people.

Ruaa al-Jazaeri

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