Lavrov: Combating terrorism in Syria, finding a political solution to crisis in it are among Russia’s priorities

Moscow, SANA- Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said that combating terrorism in Syria and finding a political solution to crisis in it are among Russia’s priorities.

Speaking in a press conference on Friday on performance of Russian Foreign Ministry in 2019, Lavrov affirmed the necessity of eliminating terrorism hotbeds in Idleb, considering that launching of work of Committee of Discussion the Constitution is an important step in the framework of political process to solve the crisis in Syria.

Lavrov said that the Western countries should stop politicizing the issue of humanitarian aid in Syria and impede the reconstruction process in the country.

Lavrov affirmed that Russia is going ahead in its support for Syria in restoring infrastructure, and providing humanitarian aid, calling on all the countries to contribute effectively in this regard instead of standing behind their political interests.

Lavrov voiced concerns over receiving information that large number of Daesh(ISIS) terrorists are fleeing from prisons which set up by QSD groups in al-Jazira region, adding that there are consultations with Washington in this regard.

He indicated that actions of Western countries, primarily the US cause instability in the world.


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