Xiaodong: China will continue to support and cooperate with Syria in combating terrorism  

Beijing, SANA- Presidential, Political and Media Adviser Dr. Bouthaina Shaaban discussed with Chinese Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Chen Xiaodong during their meeting in Beijing on Thursday the bilateral relations between the two countries which have been built on the bases of friendship and partnership.

Shaaban affirmed that Syria and China are walking on the same track with the aim of breaking the notion of one pole and the Western hegemony, indicating the South-South Human Rights Forum which was held by the Chinese Government represents a historic step which must be a basis for forging an international charter for human rights to be a reference in the whole world and not only in the southern countries.

Shaaban noted that false allegations of the U.S. regarding human rights have become exposed as it uses them as pretexts to justify its outrageous interference in the internal affairs of other states which entails adopting a unified stance by all the countries of the world and setting strategies and solutions to face the Western hegemony and to defend the usurped rights.

She affirmed that Syria, under the leadership of President Bashar al-Assad, believes in enhancing the steps that would serve the interests of both countries, referring to Syria’s policy which is based on heading towards the east and working on invigorating ties and friendly relations between Syria and China on all the political, economic, social and cultural levels.

Xiaodong, for his part, affirmed that his country will continue its support to Syria for preserving the joint interests of both countries, particularly in light of the escalation of the Western hegemony and the unilateral measures imposed by Western states against our countries.

He expressed China’s readiness to provide the economic assistance and support to Syria, and its keenness on the effective participation in the reconstruction process, adding that China is looking forwards for more cooperation and partnership in this domain.

Xiaodong expressed his country’s satisfaction over the progress of the political process in Syria.

He highly appreciated the efforts exerted by Syria and its army for combating terrorism in all of its forms and organizations including (East Turkistan Movement), expressing his country’s readiness to provide support in this domain and affirming the necessity of continuing cooperation in the domain of combating terrorism.

Xiaodong hailed the “firm” stances announced by the government of the Syrian Arab Republic against the resolution issued by the U.S. Congress lately with regard to Xinjiang region, and the support provided by Syria to China in this regard.

Ruaa al-Jazaeri

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