Russian researcher: Washington seeks to hinder political process in Syria

Moscow, SANA-Researcher at the Russian Foreign Ministry’s International Relations’ Institute, Yuri Zenin said on Tuesday that the US tries, with all means, to hinder the political process to solve the crisis in Syria through imposing its dictates on the Committee of discussing the constitution.

“The Americans have failed to achieve their evil intentions and goals since the beginning of crisis in Syria due to the resilience of the Syrian people and their armed forces, so the US seeks to obstruct the political process in the country,” Zenin told SANA correspondent in Moscow.

He added that Washington wants to justify its illegitimate presence on Syrian territories through imposing its dictates on the decisions of the committee of discussing the constitution and on the Turkish delegation to it.

The Russian researcher denounced the statement of the US Department of State on the sessions of the Committee in Geneva, stressing that the US accusations and allegations about Syria are null and void.

Mazen Eyon


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