Humanitarian aid provided by Russia distributed among about 400 families in Palmyra  

Palmyra, SANA-Russian Coordination Center has provided food and medical aid for about 400 families, in addition to providing school supplies for their children provided by the Russian Government for the locals who returned to the city after they had been displaced from it due to terrorism.

Representative of the Coordination Center said that “the aid is provided by the Russian Government and people for the locals who returned to their homes in the city.”

He added that he touched the happiness of the locals over the return of the normal life to their city, adding that the opening schools and the return of students to them to pursue their education reflect that.

The representative pointed out that the stationery was distributed to the pupils as well as food aid to the residents of the city, in addition to providing medical assistance and the necessary medical consultations for the patients by Russian doctors.

He affirmed that Syria and Russia are fighting terrorism on behalf of the world, calling on “all the inhabitants of Palmyra who were forced to leave their homes because of terrorist operations to return to their city.”

Ruaa al-Jazaeri



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