Bogdanov: Russia keen on enhancing relations with Syria

Moscow, SANA- Russian President’s Special envoy to the Middle East, Deputy Foreign Minister Michael Bogdanov expressed Russia’s keenness on enhancing political, diplomatic, partisan and parliamentary relations with Syria.

During his meeting with the delegation of al-Baath Arab Socialist Party, headed by Assistant Regional Secretary General of al-Baath Arab Socialist Party Hilal al-Hilal, Bogdanov described the relations between Syria and Russia as deep-rooted and historical.

For his part, al-Hilal stressed that the meeting came in the framework of the deep-rooted ties binding the two countries which include their cooperation in fighting terrorism, expressing the Syrian people’s high appreciation over the stance of the Russian people and leadership.

Hailing the sacrifices of the Syrian and Russian martyrs in their fight against terrorism, al-Hilal asserted that they are not only defending Syria and Russia, but they are also defending the whole world.

H. Zain/ R. al-Jazaeri

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