57 paintings depicting scenes from life summarize vision of artist Diab on life

Damascus, SANA_ 57 paintings depicting scenes from life that summarize vision of plastic artist Osama Diab on life were showcased in his exhibition held in Fatih al-Mudarres Art Gallery in Damascus.

 The paintings were drawn by the artist between 2013 and 2019. He used his usual expressive style based on reduction in fonts in favor of colors.

About the exhibition Diab said in a statement to SANA: “What distinguishes this exhibition is that it specializes in small paintings and provides a life drama from my observations through my life journey during the fifty-seven years and carries scenes of memories of young people in the beautiful countryside of Idleb, which summarize the whole Syrian countryside with its distinctive colors.

“The contemporary painting must carry the correct artistic values and my paintings carry my own visual vision with a movement linked to my sense in a modern way based on reductions and simplification in lines with color richness away from absurdity and in a way that respects the viewer and his visual taste whatever level artist and intellectual consciousness,” Diab added.


Diab explained that he seeks to present the Syrian painting, which carries his individual outlook on the future away from the past.

He said that woman is strongly present in his painting representing the eastern culture in which the female embodies all the values of self-sacrifice and beauty.


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