Turkish occupation forces target several villages in Tal Tamir countryside with heavy weapons

Hasaka, SANA – Turkish occupation forces and their terrorist mercenaries continued their attacks on towns and villages in Tal Tamir area in Hasaka countryside.

SANA’s reporter in Hasaka said that for the second day in a row, the Turkish occupation forces and their mercenaries targeted with heavy weapons the villages of al-Qasimiya, al-Rashidyia, al-Rihaniya, and al-Azizyia in Tal Tamir northeastern countryside.

Turkish occupation forces and their terrorist mercenaries had attacked the villages of al-Rihaniya, al-Azizyia, and al-Qasimiya on Monday, in addition to stealing power transformers from the villages of al-Ahras, al-Arba’in, al-Saoda, al-Maqsuma, al-Jebesh, and al-Neqra in the countryside of Ras al-Ayn and looting pharmacies and shops in the villages of al-Manajir and al-Ameriya.

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