Authorities find huge amounts of weapons, ammunition in countryside of Damascus, Daraa and Hama

Provinces, SANA- The competent authorities found weapons and ammunition including US-made TWO missiles and toxic substances left behind by terrorists in the countryside of Damascus, Daraa and Hama and that came in framework of the completing their mission in securing the areas which have been liberated from terrorism by the Syrian Arab Army.

A source at the competent authorities said in a statement to SANA reporter that “while accomplishing the precise security process and in cooperation with the locals, a huge amount of weapons, ammunition and toxic substances used in making chemical weapons left behind by terrorists was seized in the countryside of Damascus, Hama and Daraa.”

The source added that the seized materials included US-made assault rifles and different types of missiles including the US-made TWO missiles and Grad missiles, in addition to anti-armor and anti-personnel missiles and various types of shells, grenades and mines.

H. Zain /R. al-Jazaeri


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