Pedersen: Work of committee of discussing constitution should respect Syria’s sovereignty, unity

Geneva, SANA _ United Nations Special Envoy for Syria Geir Pedersen has said that the work of the committee of discussing constitution should be committed to respecting the sovereignty, unity and territorial integrity of Syria.

Pedersen, during a press conference in Geneva on Monday, added that the constitution belongs to the Syrian people and the role of the United Nations is limited to facilitating work of the committee.

He emphasized that that Syrians are the only ones who are entitled to draft constitution and determine future of their country.

” The committee’s work is based on basic principles that include respect for the sovereignty, unity and territorial integrity of Syria in accordance with the UN Charter and UN Security Council resolutions, especially resolution No. 2254 in a way that contributes to finding a political solution to the crisis.” Pedersen said.

He pointed out that meetings of the committee will kick off next Wednesday with the participation of 150 members as the discussions will start next Friday and then there will be a small committee of 45 members.

Pedersen said that there will be no international attendance in the first meeting of the committee and that this attendance will be limited to the opening, pointing out that he, along with two of his assistants, will represent the UN in the committee meetings.


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