Floating bridge linking Euphrates River two banks in Deir Ezzor opened

Deir Ezzor, SANA_ A floating bridge linking the two banks of Euphrates River and al- Mre’eyeh and Mrat towns in Der Ezzour was opened on Monday to convey people.

It is the first bridge connecting the two banks of the Euphrates River in the governorate after the destruction of all the bridges over the previous years by the Washington Coalition.

Governor of Deir Ezzor Abdul Majid al-Kawakibi said that this bridge “comes in response to the needs and demands of the people in the governorate northern countryside to set up  a bridge links the Euphrates two banks and allows them to communicate with the rest of governorate areas after the US-led coalition destroyed the bridges in the area as part of a campaign of systematic destruction of the infrastructure in our country .

Al-Kawakibi explained that the bridge will be the artery of developmental, economic and social life that allows people to communicate with their relatives, enables them to transport goods and agricultural crops between the Syrian al-Jazira region and the rest of areas in the governorate and from there to other governorates.

It also facilitates the transportation of patients and those in need of health care, vaccines and medicines, the movement of students, employees and workers and contributes to the reconstruction of Deir Ezzor Governorate and the countryside of al-Jazira region, the Governor concluded.



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