Anzour: Turkish aggression most dangerous example on violations of international law  

Belgrade, SANA- Deputy Speaker of the People’s Assembly Najdat Anzour said that the world is at a ” dangerous crossroad” due to the frequent violations of the rules and principles of the international law, on top respecting the national sovereignty, in a way that has led to creating crises that are difficult to overcome.

In a speech at the 141 Assembly of the Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU) in Serbia, Anzour affirmed that what is taking place in Syria represents “The most dangerous example on the violations of all the international laws and norms,” the latest of which the Turkish offensive on the Syrian territory.

He indicated that over the years of the war waged on Syria, Turkey has represented a corridor for the passage of most terrorists whom it had trained at its camps with the aim of destroying the country.

Anzour, chairing the Syrian parliamentary delegation in Serbia, underlined the necessity of that the parliamentarians should reflect the real aspirations and dreams of the peoples in their countries, and they shouldn’t be subordinate to the hegemonic financial and political powers which usurp most resources.

Anzour wondered about the measures taken by the parliaments for maintaining the international order and saving the threatened peoples and their present and future from the hegemonic powers.

He referred to the role of the parliamentary organizations in affecting the transparency of international organizations and defining the reasons behind conflicts and handling them, in addition to enhancing the international and regional parliamentary cooperation and the political dialogue and maintaining the international law system in a better way.

Syria participates in activities of the 141 Assembly of the Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU) which kicked off on Oct. 14 with the participation of more than 1,700 parliamentarians from different states, and it will continue activities till Thursday.

Ruaa al-Jazaeri

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