Damascus, Moscow : Turkish offensive causes displacement of citizens

Damascus, SANA- The Syrian and Russian Coordination Committees on Return of Displaced Syrians affirmed that thanks to the joint Syrian and Russian efforts, hundreds of displaced Syrians have returned to their areas which had been liberated from terrorism in a time when the US and its Western allies and mercenaries are continuing to hinder the return of the displaced to their homeland.

In a joint statement, the two committees warned that the Turkish aggression in northern Syria causes the displacement of a large number of citizens and increases the dangers of the activity of Daesh (ISIS) terrorist organization in a way that leads to undermining the regional stability and aggravating the humanitarian situation, in addition to hindering the progress achieved in combating terrorists.

The statement called upon the international community to prevent the imminent humanitarian catastrophe and to help the Syrian state in restoring its full sovereignty over the country as it is able to organize the process of delivering aid to the displaced and to prevent the deterioration of the humanitarian condition and the infrastructure, as well as the social and economic structure in al-Jazeera region.

The two committees noted that the joint Syrian-Russian efforts have yielded significant outcomes through preparing the suitable circumstances for the return of the displaced to their hometowns and providing the service facilities and job opportunities for them, in addition to the return of students to their school in parallel with ensuring the medial aid and the reconstruction of the cultural heritage of the country.

The statement reaffirmed that despite of the huge efforts exerted by the Syrian state for the return of the displaced,  Washington and some Western states are continuing to impede the return of the Syrian citizens to their homeland through intimidating them and exerting financial and economic pressures on the Syrian state with the aim of achieving certain agendas.

The statement added that the illegitimate presence of the US and its allies on the Syrian territories is one of the most important factors of undermining stability and preventing the return of normal life to the country, particularly Washington’s insistence on keeping al-Tanf basis for training terrorist groups which are fighting against the Syrian state, and its rejection to dismantle al-Rukban Camp in disregard of all the rules of the international law.

It indicated that the US side is continuing to hinder the exerted efforts to end the suffering of the residents of al-Rukban Camp despite of that all the international organizations admit that the conditions prepared by the Syrian state for their return are in line with the international humanitarian standards.

Ruaa al-Jazaeri

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