Al-Nqib sculpture festival, distinctive imprint of plastic movement

Tartous, SANA_ Dozens of sculptures lined up near each other in the third sculpture festival of al-Naqib town in Tartous countryside to announce the conclusion of this event amid the participation of seventeen plastic artists from different governorates.

The festival, which began almost a month ago under the title of ” Victorious Syria, Shines with Civilization and Pulses with Life”,  through a collection of sculptures, documented Syrian history and the fierce terrorist war for eight years.

The forum is a message to the world on the victory of Syria. It documents  the present for future generations as we have read the history of the ancestors.

It immortalizes the concept of martyrdom and role of Syrian women who stood by men in the struggle and sacrifice.

Head of the Plastic Artists Union Dr. Ihsan Al-Er stressed that the sculptors presented their experience over years to create wonderful artistic pieces of large sizes that reflected the spirit of contemporary Syrian art.

Artist Wael Hilal from Sweida presented a work that imitates the war on Syria, embodied  in a vacuum that is surrounded by a bloc and coarse and soft lines reflecting  stages of the war from which our country emerged victorious.

He pointed out to the richness of the forum with its ideas and experiences of artists, which created a rich cultural dialogue.

Artist Ali Baha Mualla from Tartous talked about his choice of victorious Syria as the title of his sculpture, to show the Syrian mother who gave birth and sacrificed to carry the banner of victory hugging the sun.

Artist Aktham Al-Salloum from Homs, through his sculpture, showed the female giving which reveals the oldest alphabet in history, namely the mother, the land and the homeland.

Artist Anwar Rashid from Sweida found that the artists, through this festival, added a distinctive imprint that tells the secret of civilization, giving and construction, presenting the story of history and glorifying martyrdom in different sculptural styles that show story of a country that overcame the schemes of destroying it and spread its wings like a Phoenix

Artist Ali Rajab Hussein from Tartous drew attention to the richness of Syrian history with its unique heritage by sculpting a Syrian woman who holds a jar of water in old rural house embodying adherence to old history.

On the sidelines of the Forum, the participating artists and a number of public and media personalities were honored due to their important role in the achievement of the festival.


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