Weapons and ammo, some of which US and Israeli-made, left behind by terrorists found in southern region

Damascus, SANA- Authorities concerned  discovered on Wednesday large amounts of weapons and ammunition , some of which are of US and Israeli –made,  left behind by terrorists in southern region.

A source told SANA reporter that while combing operations in areas ,which had been liberated from terrorism by the Syrian Arab Army, An amount of Israeli-made weapons and ammunition were found , communication devices , and a van car.

The seized weapons were found in secret caches, homes’ basements, and farms, including 23mm,and 14.5mm machineguns, 12.7mm Doshka machineguns,7.62 of PKC machineguns, a sniper rifle , US-made rifles ,a mortar cannon , a drone, Israeli –made device communications of Motorola type , and night-vision binoculars.

The source added that scores of Grad rockets , RPGs with their rounds , various types of artillery shells, hand grenades, and 200.000 rounds , which were in terrorists’ possessions were discovered.


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