Morgulov: Moscow hopes to continue cooperation with Beijing on Syria

Moscow, SANA_ Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Igor Morgulov has voiced Moscow’s hope to continue cooperation with Beijing on solving the crisis in Syria.

Morgulov’s speech came in an article published in the International Affairs magazine quoted by Russian news agency TASS on Friday.

“We are seeking to cooperate with China extensively in resolving Syria’s current issues and promoting the soonest normalization of the lives of the Syrian people,” the Russian Diplomat said.

He added : ” Since the situation in Syria noticeably improves, China can participate alongside Russia and other countries in the post-war recovery phase in Syria after the end of the crisis.”

Morgulov hailed Russian-Chinese cooperation to counter Western attempts to accuse Syria of chemical attacks.

On Thursday,  Russia and China vetoed a Kuwaiti, German and Belgian draft resolution which aims to protect terrorists in Idleb under the pretext of cessation of combat activities.


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