Journalists refuse “Deal of Century”, renew demands to topple it

Beirut, SANA_ Participants in the conference entitled “Journalists in Face of Deal of Century” held in Beirut Friday stressed that the so-called “Deal of Century” represents a disgraced plan to wipe out the right of the Palestinian people to their lands.

They clarified that this deal is an attempt to make al-Quds (Jerusalem) and the Palestinian refugees face the subsequent negotiations of unknown time and fate and drag countries of the region into negotiations of surrender led by countries submissive to US orders.

In their final statement at the end of the conference, the attendees stressed that they refuse this disgraced deal and seek to topple it will all possible means.

They lashed out at states which accept this deal, considering them as traitors, emphasizing that Palestine is for Palestinians and for those defending their rights and will remain so.

The statement called for intensifying meetings, efforts and initiatives to expose this deal and related schemes .

The conference was attended by Syrian Ambassador to Lebanon Ali Abdul-Karim , a crowd of journalists, politicians, diplomats, party leaders, intellectuals, artists, educational and social activities, Palestinian movements and factions, and representatives of media institutions and platforms and research and studies centers.



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