Solovyov hails Syrian journalists’ professionalism in conveying reality of ongoing events in Syria

Moscow, SANA – Head of the Russian Journalists’ Union Vladimir Solovyov hailed the role of Syrian journalists and their high professionalism in conveying the truth of what is going on in Syria of terrorist war.

Solovyov, in an interview with SANA reporter in Moscow Friday, referred to the cooperation agreement inked by journalists’ unions of Syria and Russia in Moscow, pointing out to his desire to visit Syria to brief on the reality of media and on what has been destroyed in the country due to the terrorist war .

He stressed the importance of developing relations of cooperation with Syria’s  Journalists Union.

For his part, General Secretary of International Federation of Journalists (IFJ) Anthony Bellanger clarified that the Federation includes more than 700,000 journalists, saying that the Syrian Journalists’ Union is part of the International Federation.

“Syrian journalists have done their press duty with high professionalism and have provided great lessons in the press work  during the war circumstances as many of them were martyred.” Bellanger said.

For his part, Head of the Syrian Journalists’ Union, Mousa Abd al-Nour,  said that the agreement signed  between Journalists’ Unions in Syria and Russia stipulates for expanding the relationship between the two sides and upgrading cooperation to the level of strategic relations between the two countries.

The agreement also provides for exchanging experiences and facilitating the journalists’ job during missions in Syria and Russia.




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