Syrian tribes support the army, reject any foreign illegitimate presence on Syrian territories

Aleppo, SANA-Syrian tribes and national figures affirmed on Thursday their support to the Syrian Arab army against the terrorist organizations, rejecting the foreign illegitimate presence on Syrian territories.

The tribes, concluding their second meeting in Aleppo,  underlined in a final statement the need for preserving Syria’s unity and territorial integrity under the leadership of President Bashar al-Assad.

They rejected any foreign illegitimate presence on the Syrian territories, particularly in the northern and north-eastern regions, saying that all troops that entered Syria illegally are occupation forces.

The national figures added that any external intervention in the domestic affairs is rejected, and the borders of the Syrian Arab Republic are protected in line with the international laws and conventions.

“We will not allow any side to change or draw maps that substitute the official national map and the Syrian people are the only one who determine their future, the statement said.

The statement appreciated the heroism of the Syrian army in the fight against terrorism and liberating the majority of the Syrian lands in cooperation with the allied and friendly forces.

The tribes called for lifting the economic, coercive measures imposed by the US and western countries on the Syrian people, demanding the international community to help return the Syrian displaced.

Mazen Eyon

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