Amidst US obstacles… Syria and Russia hold UN responsible for diminishing humanitarian catastrophe in al-Haul Camp in Hasaka

Moscow, SANA – The Syrian-Russian Coordination Committees for Syrian Displaced’s Return held the United Nations responsible for minimizing the volume of the humanitarian catastrophe of thousands of civilians in al-Haul Camp in Hasaka province, which is dominated by US-backed militias.

The two committees said in a joint statement issued on Wednesday that estimations of some UN organs about the situation in al-Haul Camp are alarming as they significantly diminish the scope of the humanitarian catastrophe, where 72,000 people live (91% are women and children).

“The inability of the camp’s administration, which includes US members, from ensuring security inside the camp makes the suffering continuous where many deaths occur,” the statement said.
The statement warned of the harsh living conditions and the hot weather as well as the lack of food and potable water as all constitute an environment for outbreaks of infectious diseases.
The statement called upon the US leadership and its allies to stop putting artificial barriers in front of the Syrian-Russian initiative for making the displaced Syrian return to their homeland.
R. Milhem

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