After dozens of massacres, US-led coalition forges realities on number of civilian casualties

Damascus-SANA_  Once again, the United States is trying to mitigate the atrocity of its massacres and crimes that claimed the lives of thousands of civilians as a result of the airstrikes of its alleged international coalition under the pretext of fighting Daesh terrorist organization in Syria and Iraq.

Washington claimed that only 1,300 civilians were killed by mistake in bombing and destroying areas and residential neighborhoods since the formation of this coalition in 2014 .

A false statistic distributed by Washington to its media outlets in an attempt to obscure its crimes through a report recently issued by the General Staff of the illegal “Coalition” that 1,300 civilians had died unintentionally in the raids it conducted  in Syria and Iraq since the start of its operations.

The coalition conducted 34,502 strikes between August 2014 and the end of April 2019.

But, according to several independent organizations, the frequent statements issued by ” Washington Coalition” on the number of civilian casualties are unreal and depend on deliberate distortion by the leadership of the coalition, especially that it uses the most deadly weapons.

In June 2017, the coalition had confessed to using the internationally prohibited white phosphorus bombs in its raids on the western outskirts  of Raqqa city and the area separating the two quarters of Meshleb and al-Sinaa  in addition to al-Sabahi quarter before turning the city into rubble.

Since it was illegally formed outside the jurisdiction of the U.N. Security Council under the pretext of fighting Daesh,  the crimes and massacres of the coalition, the great destruction it caused to the vital infrastructure and services in al-Jazira area and displacement of tens of thousands of citizens, prove the falsification of US allegations regarding the fight against terrorism.

Despite that Syrian Arab army has aborted the dream of the alleged caliphate state, which Daesh terrorist organization and its sponsors want to impose on the Syrians, but Washington, which occupies al-Tanaf area,  is trying to protect what has remained of the terrorists of “Daesh” in the Syrian Desert, provide logistic support to other terrorist groups that besiege the inhabitants in the Rukban camp, ignoring the reality that the “occupation will disappear”, as the heroes of the Syrian Arab Army continue their national missions until purifying all Syrian territories  from terrorism and its sponsors.



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