Fisk: OPCW concealed information about allegations of Douma chemical attack

London, SANA_ British author Robert Fisk has confirmed that the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) concealed important information about the alleged chemical attack in Douma on April 7, 2018.

In an article published in the British Independent newspaper on Friday, Fisk refuted what was leaked about the arrival of the chlorine gas cylinders at the scene of the incident. “The OPCW reported that what happened was a composite work and that someone in Douma put the two cylinders in specific locations.

Fisk said that a report of the investigation mission tasked with investigating the incident, which the OPCW deliberately concealed, says that the two cylinders were placed manually at the two locations and were not dropped by an aircraft, criticizing the organization for focusing on searching for the source of the leak, not the information itself.

He expressed regret that the OPCW had prevented even more information reaching the press, emphasizing that this supposedly authoritative body had practiced deception .

Fisk stressed that we are supposed to hear the truth from the OPCW on the allegations of chlorine attacks in Syria, but what happened from the concealment of information raises concerns and doubts as it is difficult to underestimate the seriousness of this manipulative act by the OPCW.

He concluded that the OPCW could have saved itself from embarrassment and ridicule if it had told the whole truth that there was evidence that the gas cylinders did not pass through the ceiling but they were placed by someone.




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