Sabbagh: Golan is Syrian land… Syrian people determined to defeat terrorism

Baghdad, SANA_ The Syrian people are determined to achieve victory over terrorism whatever the sacrifices were as they are continuing to fight terrorism for their good and the good of region and world as a whole, Speaker of the People’s Assembly Hammouda Sabbagh said Saturday.

In a speech during the conference of parliaments of Iraq’s neighboring countries in Baghdad, Sabbagh added that the Golan is a Syrian territory and Syria is determined to liberate every inch of its territory.

Sabbagh stressed that the most important thing in this meeting is that we all represent peoples that share joint concepts and awareness and look forward to a better future for this region; the future of peace , cooperation, respecting the will of each other, the sovereignty of our peoples and states, and renouncing violence, terrorism and interference, pointing out that all these principles are included in the international law.

He said that the unity of our peoples today has become an urgent necessity in order to face the joint challenges facing us at one of the most difficult stages of history, indicating that the Syrian people are  aware of these facts by virtue of their historical entity,  deep-rooted Arabism and their understanding of the essence of events.

Sabbagh made it clear that the Syrian people and the Syrian Arab Army have been confronting all attempts by the enemies of humanity to make the land of Syria a hotbed of the worst mercenaries of the world and its brutal killers, stressing that terrorism is the latest innovations of the US, NATO and the Zionism and it will be buried in the lands of Syria and Iraq.

He demanded all forces that had entered Syria illegally to leave it and to respect the independence and sovereignty of that country.

” We call for respect of  independence and sovereignty of Syria and withdrawal of all forces that entered its territory without legal authorization…There is no future for any kind of occupation in Syria and the Syrian people will not hesitate to liberate every inch of the homeland,” Sabbagh said.

He affirmed Syria’s absolute support to the Palestinian people in their struggle to restore their rights and to confront the barbaric Zionism, emphasizing that al-Quds is the eternal capital of Palestine.


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