Syrians participating in Yalta forum: We seek to expand trade exchange with Crimea

Yalta, SANA_ Syria’s delegation participating in the 5th Yalta International economic forum represents the public sector and businessmen from all sectors and specialties in Syria, member of Board of Directors of Federation of Syrian Chambers of Commerce Abdul Rahim Rahal said Friday.

“Our relations with the Crimea are very solid and strong and we seek to overcome all difficulties that hinder the trade exchange and economic expansion between the two countries,” Rahal told SANA reporter in Moscow.

He added that we have a number of agreements with the Crimea in addition to the  establishment of the Syrian-Crimean-trade house .

Rahal clarified that the Syrian and Russian sides are constantly seeking to surmount the impacts of the unjust US and European coercive measures against Syria and the Crimea.

In a similar statement, businessman Mudar al-Sheikh Ibrahim said that Syria, historically and given to its geographical location, was an international trade complex and has important agricultural capabilities that enrich the food industries.

Ibrahim explained that Syria is seeking to expand trade and economic exchange with the Crimea, pointing out that Russia contributes to strengthening and activating Syrian industrial capabilities and to the reconstruction process .

The 5th Yalta International economic conference kicked off on Thursday with the participation of 89 countries, including Syria.

Syria’s delegation to the Crimea conference was headed by Economy Minister Mohammad Samer al-Khalil.


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