Update-Crimean President: We will export wheat and oil derivatives to Syria

Moscow, SANA – President of Crimea, Sergey Aksyonov, expressed his country’s intention to export wheat and oil derivatives to Syria.

Aksyonov told Russian news Agency of Sputnik that there are plans to export wheat, petroleum derivatives and power tools to Syria as well as rebuilding railways there.

He pointed out that the partnerships have been identified whether from Crimea or the land part of Russia as they are willing to export products to Syria.

The Crimean President noted that a shipment of wheat and other industrial products is being prepared for heading to Syria, pointing out that a joint shipment company is being founded, adding that Syria will export citrus fruits, olive and olive oil to Russia.

Meanwhile, President Aksyonov stressed the importance of holding ties of cooperation between his country and Syria, particularly in the field of tourism, saying “Syria has glorious history and tradition.”

The President added at a press conference on the sidelines of Yalta economic conference ” I was in Damascus last year and met President al-Assad, I had a great impression that Syria possesses deep-rooted history and tradition and I believe that we can build a cooperation in the field of tourism.”

Rasha Milhem/ Mazen

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