Al-Cham International Festival for Arabian Horses kicks off

Damascus, SANA – On occasion of Evacuation Day, Syria’s Independence Day, Al-Cham International Festival for Arabian Horses kicked off its activities on Tuesday evening at the old Fairgrounds in Damascus.

The opening ceremony featured artistic folk performances by Jullanar troupe, and screening a film about Syria’s contemporary history, heritage, and Arabian horses in it.

In a speech, head of the organizing committee Bassel Jadaan noted that Syria has preserved the craft of raising thoroughbred Arabian horses due to their connection to its heritage.

In a statement to journalists, Tourism Minister Mohammad Rami Martini underlined the Festival’s significance due to the values that Arabian horses symbolize, asserting that the Ministry supports festivals that accentuate the values and civilization of Syrian society.

Activities of the Festival, which will conclude on Saturday, feature a horse parade for thoroughbred Arabian horses and horse shows on Wednesday, followed by an auction for horses on Thursday, and a horse race on Friday, concluding on Saturday with the start of a horseback journey by author and traveler Adnan Azzam from Damascus to Moscow, during which he will cross 5,000 kilometers, passing through Iraq, Iran, and Azerbaijan.

The Festival’s activities also include a military horse parade, heritage and art performances, a photo exhibition, and a traditional handicrafts and food exhibition.

Hazem Sabbagh

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